Why Moms Are Microdosing Psilocybin for Postpartum Depression, Anxiety, and More

Why Moms Are Microdosing Psilocybin for Postpartum Depression, Anxiety, and More

While some moms are microdosing to find relief from postpartum depression, many mamas just want to feel less overwhelmed, to know themselves more deeply, to change unhelpful habits or thought patterns, deepen their spiritual practice, work through childhood trauma, release resentments, or just be more present with their kids.
why moms are microdoing psilocybin

Mother’s Day is approaching and messages abound with self-care tips like bubble baths and massages to treat yourself with. The truth is though, self-care is much deeper than just a quick soak, and if you’re a mom, you’d love a real reprieve that lasts, that makes you feel calmer, more capable, more patient, and more present every day. A bubble bath can be heavenly for that half hour (if you’re lucky) but how we do feel less overwhelmed, guilty, irritated, tired every day? And how do we actually LOVE and take care of ourselves along with our kids?

Where a lot of moms are starting to find it – psilocybin. While not a magic cure (though they are called magic mushrooms for a reason), psilocybin literally rewires your brain – increasing neuroplasticity, inhibiting the fear response, and repairing broken neural pathways and creating new ones. It works directly on serotonin receptors – exactly why it’s been so effective in treating depression, anxiety, PTSD, and many other mental health conditions. Used alongside clear intention and integration support, psilocybin can be a powerful ally for better mental health.

While some moms are microdosing to find relief from postpartum depression, many mamas just want to feel less overwhelmed, to know themselves more deeply, to change unhelpful habits or thought patterns, deepen their spiritual practice, work through childhood trauma, release resentments, or just be more present with their kids.

First, what is microdosing?

Microdosing involves taking a small, sub-perceptual amount of a psychedelic compound – in this case, psilocybin. Microdoses usually start at around 75 mg and go up to 250 mg and higher according to your personal tolerance. Psilocybin affects everyone differently so we always recommend to start low and go slow, but generally the sweet spot tends to be around 125 mg.

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Why Moms are Microdosing

Postpartum depression and anxiety

In addition to often overwhelming feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and anxiety, mamas with postpartum depression feel a strong sense of disconnection – from themselves, their baby, and their friends and family.

Psilocybin, which works directly on serotonin receptors in the brain, has also been shown to create a sense of reconnection in patients with depression. And while there’s no studies with psilocybin and postpartum depression specifically, a recent review in the Journal of Psychopharmacology says “Psilocybin has been shown to catalyse a sense of ‘reconnection’ in participants with major depressive disorder. This effect in postpartum depression, by fostering a sense of ‘reconnection’ for the mother, may allow for improved mood and maternal sensitivity towards the infant, which can positively impact maternal role gratification and the mother-infant relationship.”

They went on to say “restoration of the mother’s connection with herself and her infant, along with an increased sense of acceptance, can help encourage self-compassion and address maladaptive beliefs about motherhood.”

One mom who microdosed for severe postpartum depression said:

“I took my first microdose in April, and I started to notice a big difference three days later. Depression had made me feel very detached from my body and a bit disassociated from what was going on around me, like I was just going through the motions. Microdosing mushrooms made me feel very present in my body. There were no hallucinations or other symptoms you might associate with a psychedelic experience. I compare the feeling to getting eight hours of sleep, having a good workout and drinking the perfect amount of coffee. I just felt sharp and ready for my day.

Some of the numbness from depression started to lift. I could smell and taste things like normal again. My husband said I was walking taller, speaking differently and engaging with my children again. As the fog started to lift, I began to get even more invested in my own recovery, and I was motivated to return to one-on-one therapy.”

Another mom who microdosed for postpartum depression said:

“Taking shrooms made it easier for me to access positive thoughts and feelings, which I really wasn’t having any of at this point. I had no positive thoughts about myself, my life, or my child. I could suddenly feel joy again, or at least glimpses of it.” 

More presence in everyday life

Psilocybin helps us detach from the constant (often negative) narrative in the mind and be present where we are. It allows us to drop into the body and experience whats right in front of us. Many people share how their relationships deepen, they feel greater compassion and connection, and more enjoyment and meaning in their daily life.

For mamas, it means you’re able to enjoy more moments with your kids. Rather than being stuck inside a fear loop inside your mind, worrying about the future, or feeling guilty for something in the past, you’re mentally right there – with your full attention, enjoying those moments with your kiddos. You’re able to connect more with your family and friends and find joy in everyday life.

Be more creative and productive – at home and at work

Psilocybin has been shown to boost both creativity and productivity, at home and at work. It works directly on the neural networks in your brain to increase problem solving abilities, and helps many people think more clearly in high pressure or stressful situations.

One women, a Banker and Venture Capitalist said: “You’re going to see solutions and opportunity where others don’t see them. It really gives you that nice edge in your career, but also because you’re way more relaxed. Your mood is way more uplifted and you have a better relationship with others.”

Better memory and focus

So, you’ve probably heard of ‘mom brain’ (or you’re literally experiencing it right now). Basically, many new moms find themselves being more forgetful, less focused, and foggy. 

Well, it turns out mom brain is very real. After pregnancy, gray matter is reduced in certain areas of the brain and increased in others. And pregnancy shifts hormones related to cognition, motivation, and attention – explaining the constant lost keys and randomly forgetting what a spoon is called. 

These changes are not necessarily bad though! Pregnancy actually increases neuroplasticity in the brain, making it easier for you to learn new things – you know, like how to keep this screaming meatloaf alive and happy and learn to decipher their needs even though they don’t speak any decipherable language.

And while all these physical brain changes are taking place, some of your baby brain is also likely related to pure exhaustion. So, whether you’re a mom of a teenager, middle school kiddos, or a newborn, just remember, your brain’s not breaking – it just can’t function at top tier when we’re constantly overwhelmed and running around with no downtime. And literally no one can function fully with 3 hours sleep, so go easy on yourself, friend. 

Psilocybin helps by increasing neuroplasticity and has been shown to improve memory, focus, and concentration. When used alongside niacin and vitamin B3 (as formulated in our Connect Four Blend) the cognition-boosting power is amplified. Most microdosers feel happier, calmer, more connected, and sleep better over time.

Move away from unhelpful coping mechanisms 

So many of us, moms or not, turn to unhelpful coping mechanisms like shopping, that second glass of wine with dinner, or a box of chocolate chip cookies to help deal with a stressful day. This tends to create more problems than it solves which is why so many people are looking for natural, healthier ways to unwind and deal with stress.

Psilocybin increases neuroplasticity – your brain’s ability to rewire itself. It can create new neural pathways which help solidify new (and healthy) thought patterns, habits, and coping mechanisms. It literally wires new ways of being into your brain – making it so much easier to make that morning walk, healthy snack, or moment of breathing a way of life for you.

Work through resentment and irritation

Many moms have said microdosing makes them feel less irritated, angry, or reactive. Whereas before they might’ve lost it over seemingly little things, while microdosing, those worries seemed so little and didn’t impact them the same way.

Microdosing allows many people to pause before they react – to be responsive rather than reactive.

How to pick the blend for you

Lite BriteOur most popular microdose blend, Lite Brite is formulated with psilocybin, passionflower, CBD, and ashwanghanda to uplift your mood, reduce anxiety, promote better sleep, and create an overall feeling of calm.

If you’re already sleeping a lot or feeling extra tired during the day, Connect Four might be a better blend for you!

Connect Four – Our formulation inspired by the Stamets Stack. This blend is created to enhance cognitive function, boost memory and focus, and promote neurogenesis. If you’re on the baby brain train, this is the blend we’d recommend starting with.

Like all our psilocybin blends, Connect Four helps boost mood and creates a feeling of connectedness.

View mastera blend of functional and magic mushrooms created to enhance productivity and focus. If you would love to be more productive and focused at work and at home, this may be a good blend to start with.

Boomerang – For the fitness mamas out there, Boomerang is formulated to enhance performance and endurance, and support physical activity. Use 30 minutes before your run, lifting session, pilates class, or any other form of movement for a noticeable boost in performance and motivation.

Microdosing Protocols to Choose From

There are so many protocols to choose from – it’s all about aligning with your personal lifestyle and goals. The one rule is to take at least 2 days off per week and a 2-4 week break after about a month of microdosing to prevent your body from developing a tolerance.

Fadiman protocol – One day on, two days off for 2 – 10 weeks, then take a break for two – four weeks. The most popular protocol, especially for beginners.

Every other day – dose every second day for 4-8 weeks, then take 2-4 weeks off.

Stamets stack protocol – this protocol uses a combination of psilocybin, niacin, and vitamin B3 and recommends 5 days on, 2 days off. Read our Guide to The Stamets Stack for more. If you’re wanting to try this blend, try our Connect Four Microdose Capsules inspired by the Stamets Stack.

2:1 protocol – 2 days on, one day off for 4 weeks, then take a break for two weeks.

Two days a week – dose any two days of the week with at least one day in between for 4-8 weeks, then take 2 weeks off.

Guide to Microdosing

Learn more about dosages, protocols, how to prepare, and integration.

How to make the most of microdosing

While psilocybin works directly on your brain to promote neuroplasticity and inhibit the fear response, for the most impact, it should be paired with clear intentions and thoughtful reflection. 

Microdosing facilitates a process of self-discovery and evolution and if you’re open to receiving, the medicine will point you inwards to the thought patterns, behaviours, and decisions that are out of alignment with your soul.

Start by stating an intention before every microdose capsule to set the tone for your day. Keep a journal nearby (or your notes app) to record any discoveries or realizations to dig into further. It’s also helpful to work alongside a counsellor, integration expert, or supportive friend to help make meaning out of your experience.

Psilocybin increases neuroplasticity, making it easier to solidify new habits, thoughts, and behaviors so now is a great time to take stock of your life and make incremental changes that are aligned with the life and mental/emotional state that you want. Rituals like breathing, viewing morning sunlight, meditation, journaling, walking barefoot outside, and yoga can help quiet the mind and make it easier to access the wisdom available to you.

Read our Guide to Microdosing for more!

Microdosing while pregnant or breastfeeding

While one animal study done on psilocybin and reproduction showed no increased risk of birth defects, no human studies have been done to confirm the safety of microdosing while pregnant. 

As for breastfeeding, while we respect the traditions of lactating mothers of religious minorities or indigenous groups whereby ritual psychedelic use is practiced, western medicine lacks the research to support or disprove its safety. Though there is no science-backed evidence quite yet, anecdotal information from the community is showing promise. And science may have more answers soon, as some scientists are advocating to include breastfeeding women in psilocybin trials considering the potential benefits it can have on both “maternal wellbeing and the mother-infant relationship”. 

For the breastfeeding moms that do choose to microdose, the best way to mitigate risk is to wait 4-5 half-lives of the psychedelic before breastfeeding. Psilocybin has a half-life of 2-3 hours, so after 10-12 hours it should be out of your system. According to Meyler’s Side Effects of Drugs: The International Encyclopedia of Adverse Drug Reactions and Interactions, the compound is undetectable in the urine after 24 hours.  Since everyone metabolizes at different rates however, the longer you can wait, the less risk there is. While in the waiting period, pump and dump just as you would after drinking alcohol.

To learn more about the first-hand experiences of mothers microsodosing mushrooms, read the preliminary results from 300 mothers who took part in the Mothers of the Mushroom survey. 

Have any questions on psilocybin, microdosing, or just want to say hi? Reach out to us anytime to chat with a Sero team member, psychedelic therapist, or experienced psychonaut. We are always here to help!