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Lite Brite’s formulation is targeted to improve your mood. For more details, please see below.

Increase creativity, energy and empathy.
Reduce stress, anxious or depressive episodes.
To uplift flow states and overall mood.

To learn how to select your dose, click here.
To learn how to select your quantity (aka protocol), click here.

Please note: 75 mg is a very low dose, and typically unnoticeable for most people. If you’re just beginning your microdose journey, we recommend 125 mg.

Sustainably and ethically made in Canada.
Guaranteed to ship within 48-hours of your payment.

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199 reviews for LITE BRITE

  1. vfgosselin (verified owner)


  2. A (verified owner)

    Doing lite brite 125 mg is doing wonders for me. My husband is using the 250 mg to mange chronic pain. No big pharma for us! Can’t say enough about the customer service as well! Can definitely see being a lifetime customer! Thanks Sero!

  3. Cody Southgate (verified owner)


    Microdosing has absolutely improved my life for the better, and Sero’s commitment to excellence and the environment help me feel good about the process.

    Vegan capsules, biodegradable packaging, friendly hand-written notes in the box, it’s beautiful.

    As everyone else in the review section says, these work.

    I have ADHD and the litebright conteracts nearly every one of my struggles, from non stop negative chatter, to over talking and even horrendous analysis paralysis.

    When I dose at 125, my mind goes blank until I want to use it. What a gift. It’s so hard to describe how meaningful that is for me, especially right now, as I haven’t taken my medicine in 1 month while doing a reset and attempting to see if psy is still necessary for me, and my symptoms have come on full force. Im unable to concentrate, I doubt everything I do, I am burning with anxiety.

    I am placing an order now for Lite Brite as well as the Connect four. I’d like to see what sort of effects that will have on my neurological condition.

    Oh, mood! Yes, psy helps my mood considerably, by first removing all of the hurdles and secondly adding a glow to my surroundings.

    What a gift. Thank you Sero, your blends are marvelous.

  4. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Lite Brite est vraiment un blessing dans ma vie. C’est un game changer for me. First, I didn’t know what to expect. It helps me soooo much ! Je l’utilise pour lutter contre mon anxiété et ça fonctionne. J’ai retrouvé l’appétit, je me sens plus chill et je dors bien. Ça me permet également de mieux contrôler les effets secondaire des médicaments pour le TDAH dans la semaine. Et l’équipe de SERO est vraiment nice. Merci d’exister SERO 🙂

    • Team Sero

      Bonjour! Très aimable de prendre le temps de nous écrire, notre équipe l’apprécie énormément. La Famille SERO est extrêmement contente d’entendre que Lite Brite vous a soutenu dans votre rythme de vie. Sachez que nous serons toujours ici pour vous accompagner dans votre parcours de microdosage. Bonne journée!




Many people report landing on 125mg for their ideal dose.  If the immediate effect is too much, we recommend dropping your dose to 75mg, if the immediate effect is entirely unnoticeable, experiment with going up to 250mg.  To learn more about dosing click here


125 mg / 250 mg / 75 mg refers to the amount of magic mushrooms per capsule.


Note: Taking your microdose on an empty stomach will increase its effects.



The most popular microdosing protocol is one capsule, two times per week. For example, Saturday and Tuesday mornings.


While twice per week is common, many find increased benefits when microdosing three (or more) times per week. You have the freedom to pick any schedule that compliments your personal goals and lifestyle. The only rule we suggest is to take at least two days off per week.  To learn more about protocol, click here. 




Always remember, you are your own guide and you are in control. While microdosing, intention setting is something we highly encourage – it really can be a game changer in improving your results.


What are you hoping to feel or accomplish? Where do you want to go? Who do you want to be?


Some examples of an intention could be:


I want to improve my mood and quell anxious thoughts. 

I would like to gain better mental clarity and better focus at work.

I hope to become a more patient and present parent.

I aim to better integrate my therapy sessions.

I want to grow as an individual and open my mind. 


This list is never ending and your intention will be deeply personal.

Additional information


15 Capsules, 30 Capsules, 60 Capsules


75mg, 125mg, 250mg


Golden Teacher 50mg or 100mg or 150mg (depending on your selection)

Golden Teacher is a magic mushroom strain of psilocybin cubenesis. This beautiful teacher is known to provide guided uplifting experiences.

Ashwagandha/Withania Somnifera (210mg)

This ancient nightshade is also a potent anxiolytic proven to lower cortisol levels and reduce anxiety. This influences your ability to remain calm, relaxed and present in the moment.

Passionflower/Passiflora (100mg)

Passionflower is another anxiolytic known for its rapid onset and potent effects. Passionflower works by boosting the level of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in your brain allowing you to relax and sleep deeper.

CBD/Cannabidiol (10mg)

Among other therapeutic properties, CBD has been shown to be a potent anxiolytic. Evidence points toward a calming effect for CBD in the central nervous system.

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