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Boomerang’s formulation is designed to elevate your movement practice and support your fitness goals. Taking your microdose before a workout is a proven way to get your head in the game when it comes to fitness.

Increase endurance and mental stamina
○ Increase motivation
○ Increase focus and sharpened senses
○ Support recovery

When microdosing for athletic performance, you should look to dose 30 minutes prior to their session, up to five times per week.

To learn how to select your dose, click here.
To learn how to select your quantity (aka protocol), click here.
To learn more about Boomerang, click here.

Please note: 75 mg is a very low dose, and typically unnoticeable for most people. If you’re just beginning your microdose journey, we recommend 125 mg.

Sustainably and ethically made in Canada.
Guaranteed to ship within 48-hours of your payment.

Free shipping over $120.

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9 reviews for BOOMERANG

  1. Jen Bolts (verified owner)

    Boomerang makes me feel like me on a great day! It helps me feel energized and motivated and I’m always pleasantly surprised at the quality of my workout after taking it.

  2. Jason Campbell (verified owner)

    Holy sh!t!
    I really struggle with working out after getting home from work. I’m usually so exhausted that I need a nap and once I wake up all motivation to work out is gone. Pre-workout drinks have never worked for me.
    My order of Boomerang arrived today. I took a 125mg and about 30 min later my tiredness was gone. I wasn’t peppy and excited to work out, but my excuse to not workout was gone.
    However, shortly after starting to work out, I definitely felt the boost of energy. I was listening to upbeat music and couldn’t stop myself from dancing during my rest in between sets. I pushed myself harder than normal too.
    I had intended to just do an upper body workout.
    I just finished a 2.5 hour full body workout. The fact that I willingly decided during the workout to add legs is all you need to know to realize how effective this is. I hate f’ng leg work. From being too exhausted to doing a 2.5 hour workout!!!!

    Honestly, life changing.

    SERO, you’ve gained another loyal client here.

    • Team Sero

      Jason! What an incredible experience! We are beyond glad that you’re LOVING Boomerang and already finding it to be your go-to workout companion. This is exactly what we designed this blend to do – boost energy & motivation! Thank you for sharing with the community!

  3. Karen Wasser (verified owner)

    I love Boomerang so much!! It gives me that added boost that I need to get through my day without making me feel wired! Highly recommend!!

    • lilly

      Thanks for sharing, Karen! 🙂 we are so glad you’re loving your Boomerang!

  4. Lise beauchamp

    It was great

    • Team Sero

      We’re GREAT-ful for you Lise
      All our love,
      Team Sero

  5. bjames.fong (verified owner)

    This is top notch! I was sceptical at first since I have never really taken a pre workout. After reading a ton of reviews and hearing all the testimonials of the sero products I was willing to take the plunge. What do you have to lose at the end of the day?

    What I can tell you is this product exceeded all expectations. My energy, endurance, and strength has improved greatly. I take this 30 mins before a workout. My reps, weight, and recovery time has improved greatly. I’m taking the highest dose as an FYI. I’m also using several other products, High Brite, Viewmaster, and I’m doing 5 on and 2 off.

    I just started using Sero and its been nothing but great. Life long customer in the making.

    • S E R O

      Brandon! Thank you so much for your kind words. We are SO glad that you are having such a positive experience with all 3 of the formulas you have tried! We look forward to having you around 🙂

  6. Nicole Latimer (verified owner)

    I really enjoy the added energy this product brings to my weekly workouts, and overall desire to move my body. Highly recommend! The 75mg is great blended with Lite Bright on very active days.


  7. svmckechnie (verified owner)

    Highly recommend! I’ve used before a spin class and before yoga – in both types of classes I felt more connected with my body and really strong. It was a particularly amazing experience in the spin class (microdose + loud music + lights + physical exertion was really really powerful)

  8. Caroline (verified owner)

    I am loving this new blend! It has been motivating my work – physical labour – in a big way! Highly recommend.

  9. Julien Harbec (verified owner)

    Awesome product! Je le recommande fortement pour les activités sociales et sportives

    • S E R O

      Thank you so much for sharing, Julien. So happy to hear Boomerang has bee elevating your activities <3

    • S E R O

      Amazing to hear! So glad Boomerang has been supporting your activities <3




Many people report landing on 125mg for their ideal dose.  If the immediate effect is too much, we recommend dropping your dose to 75mg, if the immediate effect is entirely unnoticeable, experiment with going up to 250mg.  To learn more about dosing click here


125 mg / 250 mg / 75 mg refers to the amount of magic mushrooms per capsule.


Note: Taking your microdose on an empty stomach will increase its effects.



The most popular microdosing protocol is one capsule, two times per week. For example, Saturday and Tuesday mornings.


While twice per week is common, many find increased benefits when microdosing three (or more) times per week. You have the freedom to pick any schedule that compliments your personal goals and lifestyle. The only rule we suggest is to take at least two days off per week.  To learn more about protocol, click here. 




Always remember, you are your own guide and you are in control. While microdosing, intention setting is something we highly encourage – it really can be a game changer in improving your results.


What are you hoping to feel or accomplish? Where do you want to go? Who do you want to be?


Some examples of an intention could be:


I want to improve my mood and quell anxious thoughts. 

I would like to gain better mental clarity and better focus at work.

I hope to become a more patient and present parent.

I aim to better integrate my therapy sessions.

I want to grow as an individual and open my mind. 


This list is never ending and your intention will be deeply personal.

Additional information


15 Capsules, 30 Capsules, 60 Capsules


125mg, 250mg, 75mg *designed for blending formulas*


Golden Teacher 75mg or 125mg or 250mg (depending on your selection)

Golden Teacher is a magic mushroom strain of psilocybin cubenesis. This beautiful teacher is known to provide guided uplifting experiences. It is also known to boost energy and provide focus. When paired with Boomerang's other ingredients, these benefits are amplified to help create the ideal microdose blend for physical performance.

Red Ginseng

(Panax Ginseng) has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. Ginseng contains two significant compounds: ginsenosides and gintonin which are known to complement one another and provide some excellent health benefits. The two that most benefit Boomerang include increased energy and anti-inflammatory support.


(Lepidium Meyenii) is a vegetable, related to broccoli and kale. It has several health benefits - including increased libido and improving mood. Most notably for Boomerang though, is Maca’s ability to boost energy, stamina, concentration, and endurance.


(Rhodiola rosea) aka “golden root” is an adaptogen, meaning it helps the body adapt to stress. It is often used to support exercise performance as it is shown to reduce physical and mental fatigue while increasing antioxidant activity in the body.

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