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Macrodosing 101

As you might suspect, macrodosing is the act of taking a dose of magic mushrooms that exceeds microdosing. Of course, macrodosing is nothing novel, it’s just the word that’s relatively new. People have been tripping for years.

Keeping it high-level, macrodosing on psychedelics introduces opens you up to deeper portals into your consciousness, being, and existence.

Macrodosing should never be approached uninformed which is why we’ve created this 101 manual. Proper preparation and integration are integral to creating a safe experience. Macrodosing is special and sacred to many, allowing for deep inner exploration and growth.

If you have any questions about macrodosing that the below does not cover, please send us a note at [email protected]. We’re always here to help.


  1. FAQs
  2. Tripping Safely
    • How to prepare your set and setting
      • Set
      • Setting
    • Finding your dose
    • Integration
    • Risks
  3. Holding space: How to trip sit
  4. Challenging trips: What to do
  5. Ceremonial use

1. FAQs

Can I macrodose if I’m already microdosing?

You bet. If you’ve got a regular microdosing protocol on the go it’s no problem to have a macrodose day.

Can I take magic mushrooms with my prescription medication?

James Fadiman has created a list for drug interactions with magic mushrooms.

Can you take magic mushrooms while on SSRIs?

SSRIs or MAOIs have been consistently reported to reduce the effects of magic mushrooms. While the most common anecdotal report is that these prescriptions reduce the effects of magic mushrooms, there’s no evidence suggesting that mixing the two is necessarily dangerous.

Can I combine alcohol and mushrooms?

Generally, not a good idea and not something we encourage.

How long does a macro trip take to kick in?

You can expect 1-2 hours before things kick in.

How long will a macro trip last?

4-6 hours is most common. You can expect a multi-staged experience.

  1. Within the first hour the “come up” will take place. During this time, if you start to feel nauseous (temporary), a ginger product often helps. You may also notice you’ll yawn during this time, want to get cozy, feel very giddy – this is all normal.
  2. Once the trip begins, you’ll start to notice that colors become more vibrant. Surfaces may glitter and textures may start to move. Music and sounds may be accentuated. You may experience overwhelming feelings of joy, bliss and/or oneness. Challenging emotions may arise as lessons. Depending on your dose, the actual trip will vary in experience. See more on that below under “dosing”.
  3. After a few hours, you’ll start to experience the “come down”. For most, this feels like a calming sensation, like you’re floating and easing back into your body.
  4. After your trip, you’ll experience what many refer to as the “afterglow”. Your mood may be noticeably positive. This is a wonderful time to integrate your experience to help your discoveries sink in.  A magic mushroom trip may encourage you to feel, think, and perceive in new ways.

Some ideas for integration include: journaling, meditating and discussing your experience with loved ones. To learn more about integration, keep reading below.



First things first:

  • Set refers to your internal mindset going into the trip
  • Setting refers to the environment and circumstances surrounding the trip

Okay, let’s get into it!


Before heading into your trip it’s important to be aware of your mental state – both your mood that day and your overall mental state in your life. These can be amplified when using higher doses of psychedelics. This is not meant to intimidate, but simply make you aware of the types of thoughts that may come forward so that you’re prepared. Interestingly enough, even when uncomfortable feelings arise, if you approach them with curiosity, this can lead to a cathartic release of emotions in a beautiful way.

If you’re setting an intention, what do you hope to learn? Understand? Resolve? Given that powerful thoughts may come forward, setting an intention can be incredibly useful for personal growth and healing.

Now, it’s also important to note that while intentions are useful as general guides, don’t be surprised if the mushrooms show you something else. Allow it all to happen and trust the process. Keep your expectations and heart open to the journey. One last word, taking magic mushrooms to enjoy yourself is also an intention!


Another important factor in shaping your trip is your physical environment. Humans are sensing beings – meaning that your trip will be impacted by things like being cozied up indoors, being on the windy seaside, listening to soothing music or prayers, smelling incense, being in the dark, in crowded spaces and so many other experiences.

Prior to your trip, here are a few important things to factor in:

  • Tripping solo or with others?
    • If tripping with others, ensure they’re people you trust and don’t feel judged by. Tripping with friends or your partner can be a powerful way to strengthen a bond.If you’re with a therapist or a guide, it’s important to negotiate touch and intention. Are there specific questions you’d like to explore? What are your safe words and sentiments of how to ask for help?
    • If you’re tripping alone, going inward to reconnect with yourself, you may want to incorporate some earth based rituals such as the creation of altars, cleansing your body and space with Sage or Palo Santo. In a trip like this it can be powerful to prepare the energy inside and around you to be open to deeper work.
  • Indoors or outdoors?
    • If you’re the type who enjoys being in the open air, feeling the vastness of the earth, being inside may feel claustrophobic. If you’re someone who prefers feeling cozy in a small space, the outside could feel overwhelming.
    • When tripping indoors, your home is often a good choice. You know the space and you have what you need to feel comfortable. In preparation for your trip, declutter and clean your surroundings (trust us on this). Prepare for a trip like an overnight stay at summer camp or your childhood friend’s house. Make sure you have all your favorite clothes, foods, and comforts on hand. Queue up your playlists, build a nest, feed your pets, set out art supplies or decorations – do whatever will make you feel set up beforehand so you can comfortably relax during the trip. Also, if you live with other people, coordinate with them so they’re aware of what you’re up to.
    • If you’re planning on being outside, you should note that magic mushrooms frequently increase one’s sense of interconnectedness with nature, leaving you feeling inquisitive and free. With this being said, plan accordingly. Take note of how much daylight is available and have a map or phone handy. It’s often best to avoid busy spaces with crowds of people.
    • You can also combine both. For example, starting outside and ending at home.
  • Setting the mood
    • There are so many factors that go into creating your own mood – this will be deeply personal. Here are some ideas to explore:
      • Music can strongly affect emotional states during a trip. Create playlists to curate happy, calm, and curious moods. Generally speaking, music without lyrics are best (or lyrics in a language you don’t understand).
      • Choose soft lighting.
      • Wear clothes that are light and easy to move around in.
      • Light your favorite incense.
      • Do a digital detox (ie. put your phone away).
      • Surround yourself with soft, cozy textures.
      • You likely won’t be hungry but if you’d like to to snack, healthy items like fruit are enjoyable.Have 6-8 hours of uninterrupted time to remove any feelings of pressure.
  • When is the right time to trip?
    • A general rule is: you’ll know when you should or should not trip. Many describe the mushrooms as “calling” to them. This is personal to everyone. Maybe you’re trying to work through a decision. Perhaps you’re anticipating a change. Mushrooms are known to be helpful guides.
    • An interesting nod from the astral community is to trip during the full moon as this is a wonderful time to harvest moon energy which is helpful for letting go of the past and setting new intentions. You can read all about that here.
  • Activities
    • Similar to setting the mood, this will look different for everyone. When you’re planning the activities for your trip, think about things that help you feel comfortable and inspired. Here are some ideas:
      • Keep a journal nearby in case you want to jot something down.
      • Have creative tools around should you like to craft.
      • Curate a personalized alter that hosts a centerpiece special to you. This could look like a picture from the past or a meaningful item.
      • Have a space set up to lie down and stretch your body or do gentle yoga.
      • Prepare a feel good movie and uplifting playlist.
      • Map out a gentle nature walk (and have a bag packed with essentials for your outing).

Your dose can vary greatly based on your individual physiology and on the experience you’re after.

That being said, there are some general guidelines to magic mushroom doses. Please approach with care, always start low and go slow. If this is your first time taking a macrotrip, there’s no pride in mushrooms, take it easy for your first time by sticking to 250mg – 500mg of magic mushrooms. There’s always a next time to go higher.

MICRO (50mg – 250mg) – This is a microdose — so low it is safe for any time use (including during work, if you’re a parent, etc.). You will not experience any hallucinations. It is best known for its impact on things like mood, focus, and memory.

SOCIAL (250mg – 500mg) – Keeping things light and giddy, this is an easy dose to give you some subtle feels, without a full trip vibe. You can expect to feel warm and fuzzy and for your visuals to get slightly enhanced. This dose is very approachable.

LIGHT (500mg – 1g) –  High enough you can feel a warm glow, but low enough you’re still present in your body. Experiment with this dose before you are in a social situation, however. Some people “feel it” more than others.

COMMON (1g – 2g) – Now we’re getting into the types of “trips” you’re likely used to hearing about. This dose offers consistent sensorial accentuation, enhanced visuals, deep thinking and a nice body high.

DIVER (2g – 3.5 g) – After 2g you can expect strong interactive thought patterns, visual and auditory hallucinations, diminishing ego, heightened sense of self, perspective changes.

STRONG (3.5g – 5g – done under supervision) – This dose should be done with deep intention and preparation for transcendental thoughts and out of body experiences. You can also expect fractals and sacred hallucinations, time and space distortion, and ego dissolution.

HEROIC (5+g – done under supervision) – Beyond 5g you can expect a completely dissolved sense of self, blinding visual hallucinations, out of body experiences, intense catharsis, primordial information downloads.  We would not recommend approaching this high of a dose to anyone who is not experienced with using psychedelics.

Note: consuming magic mushrooms on a full stomach of food will diminish its effects.


Many find that during a psychedelic trip, special information was shown to them. Maybe it made sense, maybe it didn’t. Either way, get curious, this is where integration comes in.

Integration looks like the internal shift of old patterns and beliefs.  While this growth is important and enriching, we also acknowledge it can also be uncomfortable. But hey, change is often not a comfortable experience.

There are many practices you can approach to help unpack your trip and explore the lessons that were shown to you. When doing so, ask yourself “why”, feel for tensions in your body and focus on what that energy may be trying to say, replay the vision or feeling and question what it could mean. Here are some exercises to use during your integration.

  • Journal about what you were shown, ask yourself why this came up and what it could mean. Don’t judge your thoughts or try to control the message.
  • Write a letter to your younger self or someone else. Share all your thoughts and discoveries.
  • Meditate. Let your thoughts flow. Do not judge or try to quiet them. Simply notice your thoughts as observations.
  • Breathe. Deep breathing can help to deepen your revelations. While you’re breathing, notice where energy is pointing to in your body. Focus on the feeling and continue to move into your thoughts.
  • Go for a quiet walk or hike in nature.
  • Take a shower or bath to be alone with your thoughts.
  • Visit a sensory deprivation and a floatation tank. Explore any visions as they come and continue to question what they mean.
  • Immerse yourself within a sound bath, allow the rhythms to move through you.
  • Carve out personal time for self care – turn down plans if you’re feeling like it’s time to unpack your thoughts.
  • Mentor underprivileged child or volunteer at a soup kitchen.
  • Participating in events that mobilize awareness about issues that are important to you.
  • Minimize your use of packaging and recycling – do things for the planet that make you feel good.

Most importantly, be patient. Sometimes the lesson hits later than you’d imagined. Trust these lessons will come as they’re meant to and once you realize them, strive to incorporate these lessons into your everyday life.


Do not take magic mushrooms if:

  • You don’t feel ready.
  • You’re drunk or are planning on drinking. Alcohol is a depressant and can steer your frame of mind, and experience, in unpredictable ways.
  • You have a personal or family history of psychotic disorders or other severe psychiatric disorders (e.g. bipolar disorder, schizophrenia). If this is you, discuss the idea of macrodosing with your therapist and work out a plan with them.
  • You are taking Lithium, Tricyclics, Ritonavir or Indinavir, as there may be dangerous interactions. James Fadiman has created a list for drug interactions with magic mushrooms.
  • You have any immediate responsibilities or plans. You should give yourself 6-8 hours of uninterrupted time for your trip.
  • You have to drive anywhere or use any heavy equipment.


If you are arranging a trip sitter, or trip sitting for someone, the key objective should be to cultivate a comfortable, kind and secure environment. This means both people trusting one another with open communication in a safe space.

A trip sitter is someone who is present for another person(s) on a psychedelic journey. This person is not a guide. Sitters should encourage the tripper to trust, let go and be open to the experience.

Before a psychedelic trip, personal fears or paranoias can be reviewed with the sitter and a plan may be made regarding how to handle any troubling feelings.

This Double Blind article goes into beautiful detail about how to trip sit, take a read!


Ooof, we’ve been there, but should note that these challenging trips are not “bad” trips like they say in the movies.

First things first, to help set yourself up for success, it’s important to plan your set and setting. This can dramatically reduce the chance of a challenging experience and is why we emphasize it so much. You can read more about set and setting above.

Now that that’s out of the way, you should know that any thoughts or feelings that arise during a magic mushroom experience are likely trying to tell you something. In fact, many have noted that an emotionally challenging experience was ultimately positive and healing upon reflection. This is an important perspective to channel before heading into any trip.

Knowing this, in the case that challenging emotions do arise, there are integration tools that can lead to this transformational growth and mental cleansing. If you’re caught in negative thought loops, the best recommendation is to “surrender and let go”.  Approach your thoughts with curiosity, acceptance and compassion rather than shame or resistance.  Another effective way to manage your mood is to change the scenery, music or lighting.

For more information on navigating a challenging trip, check out this article by Double Blind.


Traditionally, psychedelic mushrooms have been used by indigenous groups to communicate with spirits, access divine information and heal ailments. For example, carved stone mushroom effigies have been found throughout Mexico and Central America dating back to 1000 BC. There are also cave murals in Algeria and Bulgaria depicting psilocybin mushrooms that date back to Neolithic times.

Indigenous cultures would use magic mushrooms to manage their relationships with one another, the environment and make decisions that would affect the health and happiness of the group. Using the power of expanded states of consciousness, native peoples would strengthen their connection with the local plants and animals needed for survival.

In Western cultures, the Mazatec are famously associated with psychedelic mushrooms. This is because the first noted Westerner, Gordon Wasson, went to experience psychedelic mushrooms from Marina Sabina in 1955. He documented his experience in Time magazine. More on that here.

Today, we can be inspired by the still living traditions to reach back into each of our own ancestral lineages. We all have a lineage, we all come from somewhere. So whether it’s the land we were born on, or our blood lineage, there’s something there for every culture. What’s important is that we honour the medicine and sacred practices with respect, curiosity and openness.

To learn how to hold a mushroom ceremony, please see here.

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