Every stage of our process sees an ethical practice.  We do not make sacrifices or substitutions when it comes to environmental and social sustainability.  We also acknowledge that we never stop learning and are committed to consistent, impactful improvement.


First things first, all of Sero’s products are sustainably harvested and created here in Canada – this is a non-negotiable.  Ethical and sustainable business practice is important to each of our team members based on their personal values and past experiences.  We know what good and not-so-good business looks and feels like – Sero is here for good, exclusively.

For instance: All of Sero’s packaging and shipping materials are either recyclable or biodegradable.  We are committed to working with Canadian business and suppliers to give back to our community.  We only collaborate with like minded individuals who are aware of their eco and cultural footprints, and are in constant pursuit of betterment.

However, we acknowledge that we can’t do it alone.  Our ecosystem of sustainability is entirely open-source and we are always looking for recommendations to improve Sero for today and for tomorrow.  If you have advice or are a sustainability partner who can help us do better, please reach out — [email protected].


At this stage in the game diversity and an inclusive culture is a baseline in our opinion. In our short history, there has never been a moment where Sero hasn’t led with love and empathy.  This is because the small team behind Sero is deeply aware of their impact on the world around them, and committed to consistently showing up for ourselves so that we can show up for others.

On a personal level, our team members identify with equity ambitions for queer rights, trans rights, immigration and Black, Indigenous, People of Colour rights.  We’ve also lived through ongoing mental health challenges and the process of addiction/recovery.  We don’t say this to tokenize ourselves or suggest we understand everyone’s life experience, we’re simply expressing our own lived experiences to offer a window into our team and the relational mindsets we have to offer.

It is our belief that if you create and encourage an inclusive community mindset, primed for safe sharing and vulnerability, we will enable deep human connection and growth. 


Psychedelics have played a pivotal role in our own growth narratives and have acted as catalysts during our personal journeys (which are far from complete). This is why we’re committed to redefining the power of psychedelics.


It is our goal that Sero’s products are accessible to all who need them.  We offer discounts to veterans, seniors, and those working with our partner therapists.

Sero’s products are (and will always be) priced with accessibility top of mind.  To redefine the power of psychedelics, we must ensure our plant medicines are available to those who want to experience their healing nature. 


In the future, we have ambitions to cultivate a digital community of support around Sero – this is something we’re actively developing at this very moment.  The idea is to provide access to therapists and like minded individuals so that you will have a community portal at your fingertips for support.  You are never alone in your journey.


We acknowledge Canada’s Indigenous communities and specifically the people of the Westbank First Nation that comprise the Okanagan Nation for their rich culture.  We pay respect to their Elders past, present and emerging.


We acknowledge Aboriginal people as Canada’s first peoples and as the Traditional Custodians of the land and water on which we rely and meet on today.

We acknowledge that the sacred mushrooms we offer are the same entheogens used globally by many who came before us.  We honour the indigenous communities in Central and South America using plant medicine in ceremony.  We honour María Sabina who shared the sacred mushroom with the West.


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