Free shipping on all orders over $150

Free shipping on all orders over $150

Free shipping on all orders over $150

Free shipping on all orders over $150

Free shipping on all orders over $150

Free shipping on all orders over $150

Free shipping on all orders over $150

Free shipping on all orders over $150

Integration as a Tool for Transformation

Whenever we reach the New Year, we intentionally pause to reflect on the year that has just passed. We think of the journey as a wave that transforms as we move through time, and in the last few months of 2023, a lot has changed. We celebrated our third anniversary in September, and in December,… Continue reading Integration as a Tool for Transformation

Welcoming the Spring Equinox

The dawn of the Spring Equinox means that Spring is (finally) in the air

March 20 at 5:24pm EDT marks the time when the sun sits directly over the Earth’s celestial equator as it heads northward. Both hemispheres share the sun’s rays equally at the equinox, meaning night and day are roughly the same length. This is a time of equilibrium. Divine balance.

The Mystical Experience Questionnaire

The mystical nature of a psychedelic experience has a lot to do with the set, setting, intention, and dosage. Researchers have developed ways to measure the impact of psychedelics based on whether an experience was deemed mystical.

Tools to Support Mental Health Over the Holidays

The holidays can be a magical time of events, celebration, giving and connecting. In the same breath, all of that activity can be overwhelming and requires that we support ourselves with tools to stay grounded, centered and at ease. We’ve put together some resources to help keep your holidays feeling bright.

Elevated by Sero: Morgan, Founder of Eleventh House Jewellery

Eleventh House Jewellery is a Canadian based line created by designer Morgan Dowler. Morgan is a long-time Sero supporter and shares how microdosing has influenced her life, both personally and as an entrepreneur. We admire Morgan and how she chooses to run her business – creating beautiful and accessible pieces while giving back to organizations doing important work.

Tools to Change Our State: Microdosing and Breathwork

What do microdosing mushrooms and breathwork have in common? 

Both are tools to help us self-regulate as we learn, grow, and heal. 

Why developing self-compassion is the key to updating your views on love

The way we view and respond to the external world is a direct reflection of our internal landscape.

Growing up, during our early years of brain development, many of us were not shown love unconditionally. Love was often tied to things like being a ‘good’ child, taking care of others, playing a role, behaving at a high level, or something else. What this means, is that love had a few barriers around it – it wasn’t just offered without conditions. This also meant that we had to work within a (potentially harsh or unpredictable) framework to receive what we needed to survive.

Elevate your movement practice with Boomerang

Most people microdose to support their mental health, heal their brain, promote creativity, and improve their memory and focus. But did you know microdosing psilocybin can support physical performance and recovery? It’s true – so much so that taking a small amount of magic mushrooms is quietly becoming a big fitness trend.