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(186 customer reviews)
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Lite Brite’s formulation is targeted to improve your mood. For more details, please see below.

Increase creativity, energy and empathy.
Reduce stress, anxious or depressive episodes.
To uplift flow states and overall mood.

To learn how to select your dose, click here.
To learn how to select your quantity (aka protocol), click here.

Please note: 75 mg is a very low dose, and typically unnoticeable for most people. If you’re just beginning your microdose journey, we recommend 125 mg.

Sustainably and ethically made in Canada.
Guaranteed to ship within 48-hours of your payment.

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186 reviews for LITE BRITE

  1. Dawn Mauricio (verified owner)

    This is my second Fall/Winter season I’m using Hey Sero capsules to manage my seasonal affective disorder and it’s making a HUGE difference in the best (and most subtle) of ways! Wow. I can’t say enough good things about it. I microdose 3x a week (Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays) and on each day I take either a Lite Brite, Connect Four, or View Master. This is the first November in years and years I actually have the motivation and energy to do more than just the minimum. I am immensely grateful. Once you find your dosage (which wasn’t too difficult for me given their detailed steps on how to do so), I highly recommend Hey Sero!

    • S E R O

      It’s always so cool to hear how our products are helping the community – thank you for sharing, Dawn! You’re in good company as we hear from many who use microdosing specifically to get them through the darker winter months. We’re grateful for your support and honoured we’re able to support you in return. ❤️

  2. Brock (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the 150mg dose 3 days a week on average and I’d say it’s helped pretty well with my mood at work and at home, helped ease some mild anxieties, and helped stir those creative juices that can sometimes become stagnant. I’ve been using psilocybin for years on and off, and I’m happy to have found Sero. I think my confidence in their products stems largely from the personal touches included with their correspondence, and the care they’ve taken to provide us with many avenues of communication and also educational material for which to curate and guide us on our journey. To me it shows they care not only about their customers but also their belief in the powerful benefits of mushrooms. Also, their branding is great. I’ve just received my latest order and I’m excited to try some new combinations.

    • S E R O

      This all means the world to us, Brock. Thank you for sharing your feelings around trust and confidence in us – that is truly such a compliment. It’s fulfilling and reassuring to know our passion is resonating through Sero. ❤️ Thank you again, we feel very lucky to be a part of your life!

  3. Lazlo (verified owner)

    It was my first order and the results were immediate: I was more focused and had more energy to work. Surprisingly, my sleep was better too ! I highly recommend trying it !

    • S E R O

      Awesome! It’s amazing how quickly things can shift. Very happy to hear you’re feeling focused, energized, and getting good sleep! So good! Thank you for sharing your experience, Lazlo. We appreciate it. ❤️

  4. Lisa Jeffs (verified owner)

    After a month I feel like my old self. Inspired, happy, and just at peace. I was feeling some apathy and just general blah-ness prior to trying it… that’s totally gone now! In fact, I’m feeling more creative and focused than I have in years. 150mg seems to be my number. Truly amazing product. I wish it was more mainstream, so many people could benefit from this. But I’m sure as time goes on it will be!

    • S E R O

      This is so nice to read. We’re very happy for you, Lisa! ❤️❤️ Thank you for sharing your experience with us and the community, we’re grateful. We’re hopeful too that as time goes on, more will be able to benefit the way you have. Onward and upward!

  5. A.T. (verified owner)

    I was very hesitant to try micro dosing at first, but I met this cool gal at a yoga retreat who works for this company and she gave me a simple little analogy of what microdosing is. She said, imagine your thoughts are like a deer trail in the forest, the more it’s walked over the more its set, same goes for your thoughts. Microdosing makes the grass on that trail stand back up, allowing you to think differently! So I gave it a go, and am noticing a difference! The biggest thing is intention setting while microdosing… it’s super important! Also, remember it’s not just a one pill cure all, you have to put work in too but it’s so worth it!!

    • S E R O

      Guh – there’s so much good here! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience. You’re so right – going into your practice with mindful intention is so important. Mapping the tone, reminding yourself of why you’re working on yourself, etc. – all of that ‘mind setting’ makes a world of difference. ❤️ Sending you a lot of love as you carry on your journey!




Many people report landing on 125mg for their ideal dose.  If the immediate effect is too much, we recommend dropping your dose to 75mg, if the immediate effect is entirely unnoticeable, experiment with going up to 250mg.  To learn more about dosing click here


125 mg / 250 mg / 75 mg refers to the amount of magic mushrooms per capsule.


Note: Taking your microdose on an empty stomach will increase its effects.



The most popular microdosing protocol is one capsule, two times per week. For example, Saturday and Tuesday mornings.


While twice per week is common, many find increased benefits when microdosing three (or more) times per week. You have the freedom to pick any schedule that compliments your personal goals and lifestyle. The only rule we suggest is to take at least two days off per week.  To learn more about protocol, click here. 




Always remember, you are your own guide and you are in control. While microdosing, intention setting is something we highly encourage – it really can be a game changer in improving your results.


What are you hoping to feel or accomplish? Where do you want to go? Who do you want to be?


Some examples of an intention could be:


I want to improve my mood and quell anxious thoughts. 

I would like to gain better mental clarity and better focus at work.

I hope to become a more patient and present parent.

I aim to better integrate my therapy sessions.

I want to grow as an individual and open my mind. 


This list is never ending and your intention will be deeply personal.

Additional information


15 Capsules, 30 Capsules, 60 Capsules


75mg, 125mg, 250mg


Golden Teacher 50mg or 100mg or 150mg (depending on your selection)

Golden Teacher is a magic mushroom strain of psilocybin cubenesis. This beautiful teacher is known to provide guided uplifting experiences.

Ashwagandha/Withania Somnifera (210mg)

This ancient nightshade is also a potent anxiolytic proven to lower cortisol levels and reduce anxiety. This influences your ability to remain calm, relaxed and present in the moment.

Passionflower/Passiflora (100mg)

Passionflower is another anxiolytic known for its rapid onset and potent effects. Passionflower works by boosting the level of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in your brain allowing you to relax and sleep deeper.

CBD/Cannabidiol (10mg)

Among other therapeutic properties, CBD has been shown to be a potent anxiolytic. Evidence points toward a calming effect for CBD in the central nervous system.

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