We’ve updated our doses! Here’s why

We’ve updated our doses! Here’s why

We’re changing our doses based on your feedback + our sales data.


Why did you change your doses?

We’re changing our doses based on your feedback + our sales data.

For example:

Last summer, we put out a survey and 79% of 155 respondents asked for higher dose options!

Why are you no longer offering 50 mg?

We noticed a trend of very few re-purchases of the 50 mg. When we asked for feedback from customers who started with 50 mg, we learned they felt no benefit from our products and decided microdosing must not be for them. It is our goal to always provide an optimal microdosing experience and with 50 mg being extremely low, it was not the best place to start for most.

My dose is 100 mg – what do I do?

Simply adjust to the 125 mg option. It is a very subtle difference.

How did you land on 75 mg, 125 mg, and 250 mg?

This also came from consumer feedback. Most community members are finding their “sweet spot” with their microdose is anywhere from 125 mg – 450 mg. These new doses allow customers to combine / stack our formulas without having to go through their capsules so quickly.

I’m afraid 125 mg will be too much for me to start – what do I do?

Reach out to us directly to discuss this – we’re always here to help. 125 mg is still a very low microdose and we’re here to coach you to discuss any concerns.

An easy solution is to start at 75 mg, and then take two capsules once you’re comfortable with the experience of microdosing. Please note, it is not recommended to start at 75 mg (this dose was built for stacking), but we also want you to feel comfortable so if starting here ensures that, go for it!

Will your prices change?

At this time, no. We’re always exploring ways to keep our costs low and not have to raise them with inflation, ingredient supply, etc. It is our commitment to you we will always make Sero products as accessible as possible while maintaining the highest quality product.

You’ve always recommended starting at 100 mg – why the change?

The slight difference from 100 mg to 125 mg is very small. Our new suggestion for a starting point will be 125 mg to reflect our new offerings. As we grow, we’re learning to better understand our consumer needs and will always flow with what you want from us.

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