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This Star Bar is made with Ceremonial Grade Cacao to keep you uplifted and glowing. Take a single square for a microdose, or venture deeper for your desired trip. For more details, please see below.

○ Take one square for a microdose or more for a deeper journey.
○ Wonderful for exploring self-awareness and conscious capacity.

To learn how to select your dose, click here.

Please note: this product is vegan.

Sustainably and ethically made in Canada.
Guaranteed to ship within 48-hours of your payment.

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32 reviews for CACAO STAR BAR

  1. sharon.hepburn (verified owner)

    This is a fabulous bar for both micro and macrodosing. It is delicious, dosing is accurate, and the experience is fabulous! I highly recommend!!

  2. Craig Naughton (verified owner)

    Incredible product, incredible customer service. Purchased several times, and will continue to do so. Every journey has been a wonderful experience. Thank you Sero!

    • Team Sero

      We’re grateful for you Craig. Sending love, Team Sero

  3. Jessica (verified owner)

    Product and service are amazing.

    • Team Sero

      Thank you Jessica! We appreciate you
      Much love,
      Team Sero

  4. kjdeveau

    This was my first experience with psychedelics. It was so enjoyable! I took 2 g and just wanted to meditate, listen to music, and relax. I experienced waves of pleasure and a really happy mood. The next day I felt a nice mental calmness and clarity. I’ll definitely try microdosing .

    • Team Sero

      We are SO happy to hear that your journey was as smooth as chocolate 😉 Lite Brite is our favourite blend for dosing post macro journey. Welcome to the wonderful world of psychedelics!
      All our love,
      Team Sero

  5. gerardosial (verified owner)

    Cacao star is the perfect product for uplifting, feeling great and positive, and is delicious! I am a happy customer.

    • Team Sero

      So glad you’re loving it! 🙂

  6. Ruben Rojas (verified owner)

    I started microdosing (half square) with this cacao bar. I think it’s a really good product. I have tried another brand and this one, even with less mg (according to specs) I feel this one was much better. It helps to keep you focus on your activities. The most I had was 2 squares and I was feeling really good. When I try macrodosing with this (4 squares or more!), I’ll post here my review.

    • Team Sero

      We appreciate your support, Ruben! Happy you are enjoying your Star Bar thus far – continue to share your evolving experience. Have a magical journey!

  7. Krystyn

    I got the bundle of all 3 bars and while all of them are great, the cocao is for sure my favorite. I struggle with depression on and off, especially during the winter months and I have found sero products to be such a lifesaver. Combining microdosing with intention setting keeps me in the present moment and always brings my attention to things I am grateful for. Sero products are something I am deeply grateful for. Xoxo

    • Team Sero

      We are deeply grateful for you, too, Krystyn 🙂

  8. Amy (verified owner)

    Love the classic chocolate star bar – such a fun alternative to drinking and I don’t miss the hangover at all haha. I also really appreciate that the quality of the chocolate is amazing! So delicious! Have purchased twice and will continue to be a happy customer 🙂

    • S E R O

      Thank you for taking a pause in your day to share your experience, Amy! We are so grateful for your ongoing support and glad you’re loving your Star Bars as much as we do! 🙂

  9. dleochko (verified owner)

    always great products and always arrives promptly
    never a complaint! beautiful packaging . Thank you sero for being awesome !

    • S E R O

      We think you’re awesome, too 🙂 Thank you for your support!

  10. connie.truong27

    Taste delicious!

    • S E R O

      Thanks for the feedback, Connie! So glad you’re enjoying 🙂

  11. kaylee (verified owner)

    The Cacao Star Bar is my go to! I have recently taken a break from drinking alcohol, and I love to have a square or two in social settings to help me feel more comfortable and open. I notice the after effects for a few days after- I feel creative, grounded and my overall energy and mood is more joyful. Very grateful for Sero and the intentionality and care they put into all of their products!

    • S E R O

      Thank you for sharing this, Kaylee! We’ve found this to be true for many folks who are looking for an alternative to drinking alcohol. So glad that it’s landed for you 🙂

  12. Anna (verified owner)

    LOVE Sero! This bar is the perfect thing for going out if you are looking to avoid a hangover or don’t drink. I have been on SSRIs for over 7 years, so have to double my dose to find effectiveness – see a little guide of what works for me below.
    3 squares: microdose; still able to work, etc. helps with focus and embodiment
    4-6 squares: buzz for going out, dancing, giggling (I start with 4 and take 2 more as the night goes on)
    6+ squares: trip
    Hope this helps someone! <3 Good luck with your journey!!

    • S E R O

      Anna – this is so helpful and so supportive for our community, THANK YOU for taking the time to share what has been working for you. It means the world to us to hear that the Star Bar has been so supportive for you!

  13. G (verified owner)

    I’m in love with the match bar I did not try the other king but this is soooooo relaxing make me so calm feel like soft extasy, went I take it I just want to meditate and relax no tv nothing perfect feeling just want to enjoy the calm around me.
    And i do the 5 days in 2 days off with 125mg of lite Brite I love it too.

    • S E R O

      Love this so much! Sounds like you’re experiencing a beautiful state of presence. Appreciate you taking the time to share.

  14. Mir (verified owner)

    I used Lite Brite capsules for months and am deeply grateful to have found something that significantly helps my anxiety. So I decided it was time to macrodose. There are no words to properly describe the well-being that this experience brought me. I love Sero and highly recommend their products.

    • S E R O

      Beautiful – thank you so much for sharing your experience. So powerful.

  15. Samantha Tocholke (verified owner)

    The bar is unreal but the brand is what keeps me coming back. Love the education, guidance, and support all wrapped up in positive vibes. As someone new to mushrooms, the bar made it SO unintimidating…and yummy 🙂

    • S E R O

      We love to hear it! Appreciate your support and kind words, Samantha.

  16. Carly (verified owner)

    Love the star bars. Suggestion: Buy a star bar, gather your best friends, set up camp on the west coast on the beach, eat two squares, and ENJOY! Lovely experience with Hey Sero once again ❤️

    • S E R O

      Love it! Sounds like the best time ever. ❤️❤️❤️ Thanks for writing, Carly!

  17. Jessie Darroch (verified owner)

    Honestly, best product EVER! I microdose 2-3x a week now and its significantly reduced the amount I drink and my social anxiety. Highly recommend for everyone!!!

    • S E R O

      This is super cool to read, Jessie! Very excited to know Lite Brite has woven into your life in such a supportive way! ❤️ Thanks for taking the time to share! ❤️

  18. Daniel Pardo (verified owner)

    This product is the bomb! I bought this and matcha and both are great! One square is definitely more of a kick than the capsules they sell but I was still functional and I was able to feel joy from a bad day and appreciative of life! I also even worked my job which avoided me to connect with people better. I also had this at a cottage and took 2 squares which allowed me to see vibrant colours and feel joy! I felt I was able to open up to the group of people at the cottage and even my friend who had this, was his first time taking psilocybin. He has tons of allergies including mushrooms and this cacao bar allowed him to have a great experience with one square without any issues! He’s asking me to buy him some haha! Thanks Sero!

    • S E R O

      Incredible! Love to hear this and so happy your pal got to experience the magic of mushrooms. Appreciate your support so much!

  19. amanda carter (verified owner)

    The star bar is such a delight! It tastes delicious and has such a mellow vibe. I like to take one square as a microdose when I’m not using some of the other capsule blends, and 2-3 squares for a fun night with friends or whenever I feel the need to slow down and get really connected. What I love most about this product is just how mellow and present it allows me to become. As someone with ADHD, it’s definitely a welcomed vibe. The star bar allows me to be in the present with an added warm and fuzzy body vibe in higher doses.

    It’s a part of every order I place

    • S E R O

      Thank you for sharing your experience, Amanda! So happy to hear you’ve been enjoying your Star Bar <3

  20. Emma

    I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious this bar was – I wanted to eat the entire thing!! There was 0 after taste (no mushroom-y vibes) & the ingredients are incredibly mindful & thoughtful. I brought this bar to a hike in Tofino with friends and we had the most incredible day. We each had 1-2 squares of the macro bar & experienced nothing but pure joy, gratitude, and love – for each other & for the beautiful nature scenes we were surrounded by. I have converted so many friends to this macro-dosing bar & would highly recommend it for first timers or veterans alike 🙂

    • S E R O

      How beautiful – sounds like an amazing and memorable experience <3

  21. Jonathan Glendon (verified owner)

    Beautifully made chocolate. No strange after-taste, it really is high quality. I take a square on days where I feel stuck and it has an amazing brightening effect. Taking multiple pieces is good for a night with friends or some alone time to think.

    • S E R O

      Brightening – we love that description! Thank you for taking the time to share your experience Jonathan, it means so much.

  22. elody Hafner (verified owner)

    Star Bar!!!! What a treat !! For the moment I have experienced 2-3 squares, it makes me feel warm and connected to my body. I love how you can truly control your dosing for the experience you want. It feels safe and it is soooo good, I mean it is chocolate 🙂 Thank you Sero and amazing packaging !!

    • S E R O

      We’re really happy to read that you’ve found a dose that works well for you, Elody! That feeling of safety you describe is so important to us. Sending you a lot of love!

  23. Adam Martin (verified owner)

    Star Bar… What a treat!
    This is hands down the best way to get into a great weekend or evening. 2 – 3 pcs I have found is the sweet spot for me.
    It’s the warmth and glow of a beautiful sunset all wrapped in your body and mind state.
    You’re cognizant of your surroundings, conversations, and being, with the awareness of a general state of bliss.
    Plus, it’s chocolate. SERO, you’ve combined the best of both worlds – bravo!

    • S E R O

      “It’s the warmth and glow of a beautiful sunset all wrapped in your body and mind state.” – WOW. We love this so much. Thank you for taking the time to share this, Adam! ❤️❤️❤️

  24. Julie (verified owner)

    Awesome product and packaging.

    • S E R O

      Thanks, Julie! ❤️❤️❤️

  25. Niki Charlie (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the taste, the packaging and the dosage instruction! I’m always trying new cacao products as part of my meditation practice and also for creative work and I must say that I will definitely order this bar again! Can’t wait to try your new salted caramel 🙂 Thanks for making such beautiful and intentional products

    • S E R O

      This is awesome! Happy you’re happy with the entire Star Bar experience. We’re grateful you tried out our Cacao bar as part of your journey and glad to know it measured up to your expectations. Please let us know what you think about the Salted Caramel! ❤️

  26. Niki (verified owner)

    The dosage and descriptions are so accurate for anyone new to shrooms. Would recommend this brand to anyone I love, as the chocolate is also tasty af!

    • S E R O

      Haha glad you love the taste! Believe us, during testing it was very hard to not overindulge. We appreciate you sharing that the dosing feels easy to understand – totally our intention so it means a lot to know our communication is resonating! Thank you for this review, Niki. ❤️

  27. Lana (verified owner)

    I take a square of the Cacao Star Bar as part of my Sunday morning ritual. It’s incredible. I feel lifted, happier, and more positive overall. I am incredibly grateful for the improvements it’s made in my life.

    • S E R O

      This is awesome, what a beautiful way to spend a Sunday. We’re grateful to be a part of your weekly ritual and that Star Bar is bringing you all the uplifted feels. ❤️ Appreciate you sharing this with us!

  28. Heli

    First dabbling in shrooms! Felt a lot less intimidated eating a chocolate bar instead of dried shrooms. I tried two squares and felt slightly happier than usual after a few hours, full of energy and optimism later that night. Going to try double the amount next time to see if it has a bigger impact on mood! Would def buy again 🙂

    • S E R O

      Hey Heli! Gah! Grateful to have been a part of your first time. We’re glad to hear you had an uplifting experience – this is exactly what our products are designed for. Sending you a lot of love and enjoy the rest of the bar!

  29. Seeker (verified owner)

    A wonderful controlled way to tap into a deeper sense of yourself and your connection to, well, everything. I still have work to do, but the Star Bar is helping me find my bliss. Thanks Sero.

    • S E R O

      The ever-evolving journey is a beautiful one. We’re honoured to be a part of yours. ❤️ Thank you for sharing!

  30. Mar (verified owner)

    The Star Bar is great! I have enjoyed it by myself and with friends. One-two pieces of the bar (250-500 mg) is enough to feel light waves that bring wonderful bouts of laughter, movement, feelings of warmth and love, and a calm sense of grounding to enjoy the moment and your surroundings. Would recommend!

    • S E R O

      Woah – this sounds so magical! Just as intended. Thank you for sharing this with us, and thank you for sharing Star Bar with your friends!

  31. Amanda Walker (verified owner)

    A wonderful product! I consumed with my partner yesterday and we spent the whole day giggling and full of warm and fuzzy feelings =) would definitely recommend and will be purchasing again. Thanks Sero!

    • S E R O

      Yes! The warm and fuzzies. Love it! So happy to hear you both had an uplifting experience with Star Bar. Thanks for sharing this note, Amanda! Appreciate you.

  32. Tru

    This bar will gently open your third eye; how wide is up to you. I downed 6 squares and had a deeply delicious, giggly, groovy time. The Star Bar enables exact dosing, so whether you’re a seasoned psychonaut or in the beginning stages of your self-exploration, this bar is for you.

    • S E R O

      So happy to hear Star Bar has impacted your growth, Tru! We appreciate your kind words and recommendation to others. Appreciate you! ❤️



Dose refers to the amount of magic mushrooms per square. 

You can also stack your squares (meaning up your dose) if you’re after a more ~magical~ trip. To learn more about the different levels macrodosing, please click here.


Note: Allow 1-2 hours for the full effects to kick in.




If you’re planning on exploring higher doses there are a few things to keep in mind:
As always, ensure you’ve got your set and setting on lock – macrodosing is a sacred experience to be treated with reverence.
After your trip, allow for proper integration with a practice such as journaling or discussing your experience with a friend.Should you feel called to explore macrodosing you can learn more about it here.


To learn more about microdosing protocol, click here.




It is important to remember you are your own guide and you are in control. While microdosing or macrodosing, intention setting is something we highly encourage – it really can be a game changer in improving your results.


What are you hoping to understand, resolve or learn? To read more about intention setting click here.

Additional information


Ceremonial Grade Cacao, Cane Sugar, Cacao Butter, Golden Teacher Mushrooms, Salt, Sunflower Seed Lecithin

Nutrition (per square)

23 calories, 1g carbohydrates, 1g sugar, 1.8g fat, 0.2g protein, 2.8g sodium

About Ceremonial Grade Cacao

Our Theobroma cacao comes from Cacao Source. It is organically grown and ethically sourced from an eco-forest in Guatemala.

Ceremonial Cacao is healing medicine, in fact Theobroma literally translates to “food of the Gods”. It is described as an uplifting superfood that works on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual centers of the body.

To learn more about the benefits of Cacao, including support for depression and anxiety, please read here.

About Golden Teacher Mushrooms

Golden Teacher is a magic mushroom strain of psilocybin cubenesis. This beautiful teacher is known to provide guided uplifting experiences.

‘Golden’ derives from the golden colour of the caps.
‘Teacher’ for their ability to provide guided revelations that remain long after the experience.

Psilocybin Dose in Star Bar

250mg per square, 3.75g for the entire bar

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